Saturday, May 13th, Through the power of yoga and Mother’s Day weekend support project:OM by attending one of our great fundraising classes! project:OM benefits the  Susan G. Komen Foundation, “the yoga class of one million to battle breast cancer”. All donations will go directly to Susan G. Komen to help them reach their bold goal of reducing breast cancer deaths by 50% by 2026. It’s so easy, donate NOW to project:OM and then show up for either (or both) our “108 Sun Salutations” or “Yin Yoga” class, there is no charge for either class so donate as much as you can now and just show up on Saturday the 13th! Rental mats available for $2. Have as meaningful Mother’s Day weekend as possible by carving out some mindful yoga time in communion with One Million people together on their mats at yoga studios nationwide!

If you’re brand new to yoga then sign up now for our “Free” Yoga Basics Intro Class on May 6th.

108 Sun Salutations (10:00 ~ 12:15 pm) – Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) are a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses that provide an opportunity to express gratitude for the sun that sustains life on the Earth. They have profound benefits that have been practiced for thousands of years providing a good cardiovascular workout, stretch every part of the body, and when used with breath merge the body with the mind. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated as this sequence takes the spine through many ranges of motion.

Studio co-owners Nate and Howard will introduce the philosophy and sequence for the 108 Sun Salutations along with accessible modifications for all levels, both physically and experience. Then you’ll go at your own pace which typically takes two hours to complete, from time to time Nate and Howard will step in with new mantras and synchronize the salutations for a few rounds then allow you to continue at your own pace. The room will be kept at a comfortable temperature. No stress if this magical number of 108 or time commitment is not there for you, what’s important is that you show up in spirit and be a YES for a worthy cause!

Yin Yoga Class (12:30 – 1:30 pm) – Nate will led a very slow and relaxing class taught in a room slightly above room temperature, you will hold postures for 2 to 5 minutes per side, targeting your body’s connective tissue to improve circulation and flexibility.  All you need is a mat (rentals available), we provide the props. Children 10-years or older are welcome to join us with a parent or guardian (please make sure to add a little bonus for each for your donation).

If you’re a first time student to Yoga for Life and itching to start practicing now, then take advantage of our New Student 15 Days for $25 or 30 Days for $39 Intro Special. Purchase Now as this special begins on your first regular class with us (valid for local residents and new students to YFL only).