Yoga for Life is having our next monthly Family Class on Saturday, April 29 at 1:00 p.m. “Unplug” your kids and “power up and tune in” to the kid within by spending time on your mat with your family! Instructor Sha will lead a fun 45-minute class the whole family will enjoy! No experience required, just bring a car full of fun little yogi spirits!

There’s never a dull or quiet moment in one of our family yoga classes, which are quite the contrast to the seriousness and intensity of adult classes, just substitute – chatting, laughter, and audible groans – and you have a family class! We teach kids’ classes in a safe, creative environment with a big emphasis on having fun with the perfect class length of 45-minutes to not over tax their young attention.

Kids have flexible bodies and open minds which make them the perfect students for yoga! Introducing kids to yoga at an early age will help them connect with their thoughts while building strong, confident bodies. Giving your children the tools to feel confident is priceless and teaching them how to relax and deal with their emotions is incredible for them, and for the entire family too! Family yoga classes also focus on family bonding through standing poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Regardless if you’re introducing your children at a class or at home, keep in mind that they might not get hooked right away. Kids want to be good at things, so it might seem strange at first. It’s really imperative to make it fun and engage their curiosity. Usually the third time is the charm! We incorporate positions that children already know to build confidence and then introduce easily accessible poses from there. Once they are in a pose, tell them how many breaths they will stay in it, so they feel safe along with knowing there’s an end in sight. If doing a home practice make sure to keep the session at 30 minutes or under and use language they’ll enjoy and understand. Explain why the poses are named after animals or have them guess why a pose has its name.

And yes, expect to hear expressive “meooooooow’s” and “mooooooo’s” during cat and cow poses!

For more details or information about future Family Classes visit our website here.

Children ages 6-17 just $7.  Adults $10 (included for unlimited members) or use your intro-special, Tier membership, or punch card. No need to pre-register. Rental mats available for $2.

If you’re new to Yoga for Life then purchase our New Student 15 Days for $25 or 30 Days for $39 Intro Special, which will cover your adult class price. Your Intro Special begins on the day of your first class with us so purchase it now here. Conveniently located to Shoreline, Edmonds and Lynnwood.