Yoga for Life will be offering a unique and esoteric multi-sensory sound bath and slow flow yoga practice on Saturday April 15th at 5:30pm. Instructor Howard Lamb will lead a meditative slow flow yoga class as sound healer Joe Lauletta plays the Chao Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls with background ambient electronic music on the studio’s high-end surround sound audio system. All senses will be stimulated and activated when combined with the studio’s aromatherapy, multi-colored lighting system and video backdrop projection.

The Gong is one of man’s most powerful and oldest transformational and therapeutic instruments. It emits strong vibrational sound waves which can be felt throughout the body. Ancient cultures such as Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Mongols have used gongs for ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation since the beginning of recorded history. Both relaxing and energizing, its transforming and healing properties are ideal for permeating the body while in yoga poses that open chakras and connective tissues.
The crystal bowls target the body’s chakras which are receptive to the sounds and vibrations. Chakras are commonly referred to as the “wheels of energy throughout our body”; each one has a specific power that regulates one’s life force. When Chakras are unaligned we become ill or feel unbalanced, can’t sleep, become stressed and then immunological responses are triggered. Sound healing realigns our body’s Chakras and healing begins.

There’s nothing like experiencing a sound bath while in yoga poses, especially during a slow flow vinyasa practice with a focus on deep pranayama breathing. This style of yoga emphasizes powerful chest and heart openings creating a state of receptivity for the sound waves to resonate physically and emotionally deep within. Pranayama breathing expands and contracts the upper body shifting the resonate frequency for an inner vibrational experience that massages and stimulates one’s organs, glands, tissues, and all the way to the cellular level. The twisting poses change the size and squeeze internal organs resulting in how the sound energy can both enter and resonate in a more profound way.

The physical nature of the practice fosters a deep connection with one’s body along with a state of surrender and openness. Instead of being “up” in the head and controlling what’s happening down “below” in the body, one can transcend to “being” in poses versus “doing” them. For the final part of the practice, long yin poses are held focusing the breath and the stretch into the pelvis and hip region where “stuck” unresolved emotional energy can be released.

Many have said it’s like a musical concerto to serenade one’s self during the practice. Others recount how the sound waves vibrate throughout their body relieving muscle tension, pain, racing thoughts, PTSD; while improving sleep quality, immune system response, and inner peace.

Use your YFL membership, punch card, intro special or drop-in price is just $17. Space is limited so register now! If you’re new to Yoga for Life then take advantage of our new student 15 or 30 day specials here and then register.

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