Through the practice of yoga, we aspire to build a welcoming community that will inspire and encourage our members to reach their goals and maintain healthy balance in their lives. Nate Bobeck

Owner, Yoga for Life

Our Studio and Community

Yoga for Life is a community of caring and welcoming yogis dedicated to helping people of all shapes and sizes find a healthy balance in their lives through the practice of Yoga and is conveniently located to Shoreline, Lynnwood and Edmonds Yoga Studio. Whether it’s your first yoga class ever or your thousandth, you’ll feel comfortable and welcome walking through our doors always.  Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons:  exercise, stress relief, to calm down, to build energy, to sweat, to lose weight, for health, to improve athletic performance, because your doctor told you to, to heal from injury, for peace of mind, to get out of the house, to make friends, etc. etc.  We offer 31+ classes per week, so you’re bound to find a class that works with your schedule and our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, and caring to help you on your journey.  Whether you just want to get a good workout, or you need help modifying your poses for injuries, they are here to help. Whatever reason brought you to our website, we want you to give us a try.

Why Yoga for Life

  • Hot Yoga studio with Bikram certified instructors
  • Wide variety of yoga styles: Bikram (Hatha), Vinyasa, and Yin – You’re bound to find a style of yoga that fits your needs and help you achieve your wellness goals!
  • A mix of 60, 75, and 90 minute classes
  • Separate men’s and women’s changing rooms with showers to freshen up after class
  • Huge Yoga room with enough space to spread out even during busy class times
  • Gorgeous practice room, acoustically treated so you can hear the instructor with ease, with an awesome sounding stereo system

To provide a richer experience and broader appeal to all yogis, we offer daily classes of three styles of yoga:

  • Our hot Bikram classes are therapeutic and are the best classes for most beginners. The postures are in a specific order to work every bone, muscle, joint, organ, and gland with a vast array of health benefits recognized quickly.
  • Our heated Vinyasa classes are invigorating, breath driven, and have major “vibe” featuring our studio’s gorgeous lighting and high-end stereo system. If you’re new to yoga or Vinyasa we offer a 90-minute Intro Class on Saturdays.
  • Our Yin classes are a perfect complement to our active yoga practices and are a great way to wind down your day. Yin is a very slow and relaxing class targeting your body’s connective tissue to improve circulation and flexibility.

Visit our class descriptions page to learn more about these styles of yoga and please check out our Intro Special and read our new students page to be prepared for your practice with us.

Our History

Yoga for Life was originally founded ten years ago in 2007 as The SweatBox Yoga. The studio was one of the original Bikram Yoga studios in the greater Seattle area and is the most established studio in the Shoreline and Edmonds region. In 2015 Nate Bobeck and Howard Lamb founded Yoga for Life and took ownership of the studio along with former SweatBox owner Frankie Grausam’s passion for yoga continuing to shine as our general manager! Yoga for Life aspires to build a welcoming and inspiring community with many of our students practicing yoga with us for 10-plus years. To launch our first year of ownership we introduced a richer experience and broader appeal with high quality Yin and Vinyasa Yoga classes along with a remodel of the studio for a visually gorgeous “yoga” experience, superior acoustics and a wonderful sounding stereo system. Regardless of which style of yoga resonates with you, you’ll love our friendly instructors, gorgeous state-of-the-art studio, and “thriving” in yoga for life!